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There’s not a good step by step documentation on how to set up a DSpace development environment on Mac OSX. Here’s what I did:

Here’s the checklist for software versions . Skip the advice for Maven 3, DSpace is known to not work with Maven 3.

Here’s some developer guidelines/advice on configuration and setup

If you do this right, you’ll want to rely heavily on MacPorts :

sudo port install tomcat6
sudo port install maven2

After install instructions for Maven Hint: you want to create the environment variable M2_HOME and add the path to maven to the PATH environment variable.

Trying out IntelliJ IDEA, but I need to use version 8 as it’s the latest version supported by the Itellitrac plugin (which enables Trac integration with IDEA). Hopefully this won’t be a problem. Older versions of IDEA are still available. grrrr, this didn’t work, going with Eclipse for now, and following these instructions.

Update: Success! I’ve built DSpace Trunk using Eclipse (Helios) on my MBP. Secret sauce was specifying that I wanted to use version 10.2 of m2eclipse (anything newer from Sonatype refuses to build nested module projects, like DSpace), as well as configure m2eclipse to use an external version of Maven (2.2.1) instead of its embedded Maven (3). The happy dance begins now!