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Moving On

Aug 1, 01:13 PM

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted an offer of employment with UCLA Library, Digital Initiative and Information Technology (DIIT) Department, as a Digital Library Software Developer, Programmer/Analyst III. No, we’re not moving to California, I will be working from home, as a remote developer. I will be joining a team of other remote developers, including my pal Kevin Clarke, in Boone, NC. I am positively thrilled about this opportunity. Kevin has long been my go-to person for advice on esoteric questions about Maven and more recently about working “in the cloud” and other DevOps topics, as well as the occasional question about Fedora4 What kinds of things will I be working on? The usual mash-up of Digital Library stuff (including Fedora Commons, Islandora Drupal, probably Angular 2), but I am very pleased that I’ll also still be working with DSpace.

I’ll update as I know more, but my last day working for Mizzou will be Friday August 12, 2016, and my first day with UCLA will be Monday August 15, 2016.

This is gonna be a blast!