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First Day

Mar 9, 12:56 PM

Today is my first day working as a Publishing Systems Developer at California Digital Library. I’m still settling in and meeting people, but I really like the people I have met so far. I am really glad to be moving back into the realm of repository work. As a Publishing Systems Developer, I’ll be working with journal publishing systems, and since the tech stack is a bit in flux, I don’t really feel comfortable naming names just yet, but, if you’re familiar with that field, you can probably guess what I’ll be working with. Here’s the job description (I don’t know how long that will stay up). The short version is: I’m going to be working for CDL as a remote developer. My new boss is based in Chicago, so we share a time zone, which will be very convenient. Since CDL is part of UCOP, which is part of UC, all my benefits and accrued vacation and sick leave transfer over from UCLA. I’m looking forward to learning more about my new work, and possibly keeping this blog up to date with the things I learn. No promises, but, here’s hoping I follow through on that.

Now I have to update a ton of profiles all over the internet.