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More DevOps

Jul 3, 11:03 PM

Earlier today, I had a nice chat with my favorite sysadmin, and he pointed me at CoreOS, which is a cool Docker-friendly OS derived from ChromeOS. It looks like a really awesome toy, and I’m very likely going to fire it up on some old hardware I have at home (hoo boy the electric bill…). In the mean time, though, they have a Vagrantfile for just poking around with, I’ll start there. Anyway, long story short, I tweeted a link to CoreOS, and as an experiment stuck in the #DevOps hashtag. And this tweet got favorited by some people, so I started following them, and in doing so I blunder across this tutorial Creating a Docker Image from Your Code Which looks like amazing fun. What a great time to be working in this space!

This is Chris Beer’s entry for the OR2014 Developer’s Challenge. Pretty solid work, I’m looking forward to playing. What is it, you ask? It’s a series of Docker images for standing up an instance of every major repository platform. It’s a repository developer’s playground.


It looks like Vagrant now speaks Docker, it should be pretty straightforward to create some Vagrantfiles to take Chris’ Docker images out for a spin. That would be a fun weekend project, I think I’ll try that soon.