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A MOspace manifesto

Jul 6, 10:11 AM

So, here’s the thing, we’ve been working on MOspace since August of 2008. And, really, since the early days, we’ve been operating under a distinct set of principles. We’ve been discussing this for a while, so, I figure I’ll post up here what has come out of this discussion. Which ends up reading a bit like a manifesto, so, let’s call it that. And, in the great tradition of manifestos, I am just tacking this one up on the handiest wall, which in this case is my own work blog. But, enough introduction, here it is, the

MOspace Manifesto, draft 2

Revision History: 7/6/2012, first draft posted; 7/6/2012, second draft posted (revised final paragraph).

We are preserving the intellectual output and resources of the University of Missouri. We will do so by following the precepts and values outlined by the Agile Software Development Manifesto, not only in our software development processes, but these values will be evident in all the processes developed to support the repository.

Just as our developers are embracing practices and ideals which encourage them to discover what it is they are developing by simply developing, we will also embrace these practices in spirit. We are discovering better ways of growing an institutional repository by doing it, and by helping others do the same.

Much as the agile developer does not outright reject planning and detailed specifications, we will also bow in respect to the policies and procedures we will discover along the way, but the process of discovery while doing will remain our guiding force.

In this process, we are discovering that, while we value many principles, there are those which we value more. These include:

Value More Value
Usable Content Process
People/Services Software
Collaboration/Communication Just Storing Things

A repository can and should be so much more than a box in which to put things.

What ultimately makes a repository successful are the people: those who build it, those who contribute to it, those who maintain it, those who create its content, and those who use its content. The strength of the relationship and lines of communication between developers, repository management staff, contributors and users, is the repository.

To distill this down to one line:
You are the repository; every last crazy one of you.

well, shoot

Jul 14, 03:27 PM

Dorothea Salo hangs up her blogging boots, and it takes me half a month to realize it.

EDIT: Dorothea kindly points out she has a new blog. Hooray!

ANOTHER EDIT: moved again.