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Here’s a quick thing I did for a couple of my colleagues, to demo writing a Lando environment from scratch. I grabbed the latest copy of Omeka-S and unzipped the file, then wrote the following .lando.yml file

name: omeka-s
recipe: lamp
  php: '7.3'
  webroot: .
  database: mysql:5.7
  xdebug: false

And then I modified the config/database.ini file to use the default DB credentials used by Lando:

user     = "lamp"
password = "lamp"
dbname   = "lamp"
host     = "database"

And then I ran lando start and followed along with the rest of the Omeka S install guide.

Lando tells you the URL you need to visit after your site comes up:

Waiting until database service is ready...
Scanning to determine which services are ready... Please standby...


Your app has started up correctly.
Here are some vitals:

 NAME            omeka-s
 LOCATION        /Users/hpotting/workspace/lando-omeka-s
 SERVICES        appserver, database
 APPSERVER URLS  https://localhost:32825

Any of those URLs work fine.